Our Culture

80+ employees work here across multiple disciplines. We provide our employees with ample opportunities. No wonder, some of the most respected names in Indian advertising have worked at Innocean and continue to do so.

It's a place where talent is nurtured and recognised, so that employees have a fabulous time working here. According to a survey conducted by afaqs.com, a leading advertising and media website in India, Innocean is ranked as one of the 5 happiest agencies in India. Here, creativity and fun go hand in hand.

Innocean is ranked as one of the top 5 Happiest Agencies in India according to a survey conducted by afaqs.com

Team Innocean

Senior Management
  • Hak No Yun

    Managing Director

  • Vivek Srivastava

    Jt. Managing Director

  • Chang Jo Yoo

    Sr. Executive Director

  • Arjun P Modayil

    Executive Director

  • Shiveshwar R Singh

    National Creative Head

  • Vijay Bhaskar

    Business Director

  • Vijay Simha

    Creative Head

  • Saminder Ghai

    Senior Creative Director

  • Devendra Mehta

    Senior Creative Director

  • Rajesh Gola

    Senior Creative Director

  • Rajesh Sinha

    Senior Creative Director

  • Bhaskar Choudhury

    Associate Creative Director

  • Kailash Chandra Bhatt

    Associate Creative Director

  • Allen Charles

    Associate Creative Director

  • Anuj Arora

    Associate Creative Director

  • Amit Negi

    Senior Art Director

  • Abhishek Jain

    Group Director – Media Services

  • B Sridhar

    Director – Media Services

  • Nishant Srivastava

    Sr. Vice President – Digital

  • Sandeep Malhotra

    AVP – OOH

  • Anupam Sonker

    Deputy General Manager- Digital Services

  • Durgesh Tiwari

    Account Director – Digital Services

  • Neeraj Gupta

    Digital Planner

  • Arpit Jain

    Manager – Digital Media Planning

  • Goutam Jain

    Account Supervisor – Digital Media Planning & Buying

  • Madhavi K Guha


  • Shashwat Kar

    Account Director

  • Ashit Sharma

    Senior Strategic Planner

  • Dong Lim Park


  • Piyush Pachaury

    Sr. Project Manager

  • Rohit Deva

    Sr. Project Manager

  • Sourav Rana

    Project Manager

  • Rahul Bhardwaj

    Design Manager

  • Sanjay Sood

    GM – Production & Studio

  • Rahul Joshi

    AGM – Finance

  • Arup Datta

    AGM – Finance


When you walk around the Innocean office, you get a vibe of the camaraderie amongst the employees. Regular trips, sports, parties and workshops help build a strong bond amongst the employees that’s evident in the way we work.